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Why Settle?

Don’t buy into the courtroom hype. More than 95% of all personal injury cases settle.* That’s why you need an attorney that specializes in settling — and that’s us. Lawyers can collect higher fees if they don’t settle, so even if lawyers could settle quickly, filing a lawsuit can result in more money for them.

But we’re not like other attorneys. We specialize in settling. We want to save you money, hassle and time — and not take your case to court unless it is absolutely necessary and appropriate.

Five Reasons You Might Want To Settle


It Can Be Much Faster

Sometimes your life goes on hold waiting for a trial, which can take years. Settlement may get you to your goal faster which gets your life on track sooner.


No Trial Related Fees

When your claim is settled, there are no trial related legal fees. Consultants, expert testimony, and their related costs all eat into the money you deserve.


Settling Can Be A Safer Option

If your attorney takes your case to trial, there’s a 90% chance you could lose and end up with nothing. That’s right: Nothing. Why risk it? In settlement there is no risk of losing everything at trial. Since we charge less for attorney’s fees you’ll get up to 33% more money than you may get with other attorneys.


You Maintain Your Privacy

When cases go to trial all court documents become part of the public record. This would even include your sensitive personal information. This does not happen when claims are settled; no information becomes a part of the public record.


Less Stress

You’re already stressed because of your accident. Why add the stress and complexity of trial to your life? Going to trial can be an emotional, draining, and painful experience. In settlement there is no trial related stress — this allows you to move forward with your life more easily and get back to being you.